Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Dirt Path is for Dirt Bags" -- Stephen Doyle

Story and photos by MCSN Glenn Brooks Slaughter

This…is…the dirt trail. A seemingly innocent and boring stretch of dirt amid brick
and grass. It’s totally off limits to Navy students. Long ago, it was carved by members
of the other branches as they pioneered a shortcut to the DIFAC, or dining facility.
Why is it off limits? It’s not really productive to wonder such questions.
Someone at some point decided that Sailors don’t use dirt shortcuts. So be it.
This rule is representative of life here at Fort Meade.
The Army students can’t roll their sleeves up, the Air Force has to march everywhere
they go, the Marines can’t ride in POVs, or personally owned vehicles, the entire time
they’re students here. The only exception to this rule is if the POV is owned by family.
Many rules overlap, like no cell phones at the school. Either way, it’s in a Soldier/Sailor/
Marine/Airman’s best interest to learn the rules fast and stick to them. Otherwise he or
she may draw some unwanted attention!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Ultimate Frisbee Championship: Instructors vs Students

The gruesome ultimate frisbee scene in front of the Marine Detachment. Navy instructors front the Defense Information School face off against the pipeline navy students. Usually a few games are held every Friday at 1700 between students.

MCC Jason Carter whips a frisbee down the field. Too bad no one's ready to catch it.

SN Ryan McLearnon aka MC Learnon gracefully leaps into the air for the steal of the day, showing that even frisbee athletes have a heart.

MC1 Adam Vernon has experienced more than a day's worth of an ultimate workout.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo stories, what a joy!

The second half of the Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course at the Defense Information School starts with photography. Photography covers rudimentary components such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, multiple flash, focus and exposure. Other subjects covered are MDR photography and advanced photography exercises such as writing a thesis paper and presenting a renowned photographer and their photography. Various class trips are made to Baltimore and D.C. to help sailors become comfortable as photographers. The culmination of this course results in photo stories. Students submit ideas, which are approved by instructors, then venture off to shoot, edit and layout the final product. The instructors give ample feedback and mentorship to students throughout the BMCSC course.

SN Luke Meineke works on one of the Noritsu printers in the DINFOS print lab making any final adjustments necessary. The process at which these printers create the pictures is incredibly amazing.

SN Corey Hensley explains the process of selecting and editing photos to MC2 Sabino Cruz. We're all shipmates so we help each other to understand the material as much as training allows. "One team, one fight" is as common as Hooyah in the Navy.

SN Jennifer Lobao and SN Ian Carver admire Lobao's finished print. SN Peter Melkus is patiently waiting in the back.

Using gels to check the finished print to make any last minutes changes is a must to obtain a pristine product.

SN Ian Carver and SR Kevin Harbach rejoice at Carver's masterpiece. There's Mr. Melkus again!