Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Dirt Path is for Dirt Bags" -- Stephen Doyle

Story and photos by MCSN Glenn Brooks Slaughter

This…is…the dirt trail. A seemingly innocent and boring stretch of dirt amid brick
and grass. It’s totally off limits to Navy students. Long ago, it was carved by members
of the other branches as they pioneered a shortcut to the DIFAC, or dining facility.
Why is it off limits? It’s not really productive to wonder such questions.
Someone at some point decided that Sailors don’t use dirt shortcuts. So be it.
This rule is representative of life here at Fort Meade.
The Army students can’t roll their sleeves up, the Air Force has to march everywhere
they go, the Marines can’t ride in POVs, or personally owned vehicles, the entire time
they’re students here. The only exception to this rule is if the POV is owned by family.
Many rules overlap, like no cell phones at the school. Either way, it’s in a Soldier/Sailor/
Marine/Airman’s best interest to learn the rules fast and stick to them. Otherwise he or
she may draw some unwanted attention!

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