Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing it up

Story and photos by SN Carey

Students from the Navy Detachment, Fort Meade, Md. participated in a dress whites inspection. The inspection was to ensure that all Sailors have the proper uniform ready to wear as the summer dress uniform, beginning April 26.

Shiny shoes, creased trousers, correct ribbons and good haircuts are a few of the items that Chief Mass Communication Specialist Jason Carter, the Detachment Leading Chief Petty Officer, meticulously looked over during the inspection. Overall we had an outstanding passing rate, with only a few minor discrepancies that were quickly brought up to par.

It’s now time to hang up the dress blue uniform and change it up to the dress whites for the summer time. Great job Shipmates!

The Navy Detachment stands ready for inspection.

Long hours are put into shining each shoe.

MCC Carter, the leading chief petty officer at the detachment shares a few words before performing the dress white inspection.

SR Harbach keeps the "E" on his Expert ribbon polished just for this inspection.

MCC Carter inspects SN McLearnon. No hits, good job!

MCC Carter also inspect neckerchiefs. SR Riley always keeps his prim and proper.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Navy Grill

SN Hazel (left) and SN Carey (right) set up horse shoes.

SN Lobao throws a baseball through a hoop as a pass time in front of the Navy Detachment.

CS2 Preston, the barracks manager, works the grill. The whole Navy Detachment and some instructors gathered on the grinder to share a day under the Sun.

MCSN Jackson is the first to dig in.

SN Carey is a notorious student leader, targeted by all.

SR Feddersen cools off with the help of MCSN Cotter.

SN Carey gets his revenge on MC1 Farr, the Navy Detachment's leading petty officer.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Field Training Exercise ... the highlight of DINFOS

The Basic Public Affairs Specialist Course (BPASC) Field Training Exercise (FTX) is the culmination of the course news writing and public affairs functional areas. [Editor: It's the first of two FTXs students go through, the second occuring near graduation.] The students are put into a simulated war zone in Afghanistan and must use the skills they have learned in those areas. I felt like everything I learned finally made perfect sense.

Story by Seaman Recruit Zachary D. Allan

The BPASC class, the first half of BMCSC which is integrated with the other services, begins the day by meeting up to discuss the day's events and to give everyone tasks. The site is on the other side of the base from DINFOS to give the feeling of a Forward Operating Base.

SN Briscoe gauges the time she has left to complete her task. There are set deadlines since FOBs need to push out information ASAP.

SN Meineke works on writing an external news release. The class is divided into four cells, spread over two tents with two work stations in each.

This is many of the sailors' first times eating Meals Ready to Eat. Everyone is warned by NCOs attending the class to watch out for the cheese omelette MRE.

SN Wakefield enjoys a chicken salsa MRE. Each MRE is equipped with a self heating device.

SN Carey puts forth an earnest effort to gnaw his way through a cookie from an MRE.
Eventually, he succeeded.

After a day of hard work, the class retires to the duty vans. Unlike the BMCSC FTX, the first one in BPASC is not overnight.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We march to the ends of the least to DINFOS.

The Navy Detachment forms up on the grinder before marching to DINFOS. We march every Tuesday and Thursday.

SR Bramham posts as a road guard while the detachment marches on the road. Safety is of utmost importance in the Navy.

The formation performs a column left march around the Marine Detachment. Some sailors carry two bags (one in front and in back) to help the sailors who take on road guard and other duties in the formation.

Everyone drops their bags before sounding off in front of DINFOS.

SA King, who leads the formation, sounds off to the formation. This is extremely motivating and a great way to start the day.

The detachment sounds off back to SA King for all the other services to hear.

Here's a marching video shot and edited by MCSN Perreault.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congrats to BMCSC 010-10!

MCSN Slaughter before his graduation with class BMCSC 010-10.

The graduation room is packed with family and friends of the graduates.

The guest speaker is the Admiral Moynihan, the Chief of Information.

The class shares a slide show comprised of work through their course.

MCSN Johndro awaits his graduation certificate.

Candid shot while waiting for the class to form up.

Friday, April 16, 2010

BMCSC 010-10 performs their last Color Detail

BMCSC 010-10 students form up to perform their last Color Detail in front of Fort Meade's post flag.

MCSN Cotter prepares for colors to start as he holds the halyard.

Colors sounds as the details pops to salute.

MCSN Slaughter and MCSN Bryan catch the flag as it is lowered to the ground.

Colors leader, MCSR Jones, folds the post flag while his details holds it tight.

MCSR Jones marches his detail back after performing the last Colors before their graduation.